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SoftOutlook is a British Information Technology consulting firm, we offer end-to-end solutions, from concept and strategy, to design, implementation and support.

As professional programmers, we provide tools you need to work smarter and maintain your competitive edge.

Helping you deliver successful and quality software projects &
IT services on time and on budget.

Business Solutions With Software Development

Our clients require us to solve business problems and create new possibilities through developing customised software.
It is easy to be overwhelmed by differing technologies especially when IT is constantly changing, and you need a solution that enable you to work, be above your competitors, keep track of latest technologies and be prudent. You need SoftOutlook, an efficient software company to make it happen, a company you can go forward with.

Our IT Services

Let SoftOutlook become your Virtual IT Department.
We provide exceptional Information Technology services and IT support so that your company gets the best from your IT investment. Our IT services help your organisation grow. We work on computing, mobility, applications for B2B as well as B2C sectors. We have worked with Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) to large organisations.
Our clients benefit from a combination of planned business vision and practical IT experience to deliver bespoke solutions within budget. Read on our IT Consulting and Advisory Services.

Our Software

We offer a range of proprietary software products that you can select as standalone systems or as the basis for a bespoke product that is precisely matched to your needs.

What gives our products an advantage on the competition is that we listen to our clients and keenly observe usability and user experience. So no matter how complicated actions they perform, they are easy to use. It's part of our mission to deliver clear, logical, intuitive, efficient and reliable software. Learn more about our products.

We can help you improve your business systems by helping you to gather, process, clean and utilise your data as effectively and efficiently as possible. Whether you want to develop a new database or to get more value from your existing customer records, we’ll enable you to achieve exactly what you want.

Our data services are based on years of experience working with organisations of all sizes, from micro-businesses to Government Ministry. You can therefore rely on us to deliver a service that is professional, reliable and precisely tailored to your needs. In practice, that means you’ll save time and money, secure in the knowledge that your systems are working well.

In addition to data services, we can also help you streamline your operations with bespoke software solutions and off-the-shelf packages for handling your tasks.
From custom built desktop applications to outsourced network management services, you can turn to us for help with almost any aspect of your IT operation.

How We Help:

  • Instant Mission-critical support with remote access
  • Source and setup hardware
  • Easify software and server Installation
  • Easify EPOS System training
  • Business Intelligence/reports that are business-critical
  • Integrate external stock control, invoicing systems, purchase order systems, accounting packages like SAGE and etc
  • Integrate with enterprise data warehouse
  • Connect to multichannel sales

SoftOutlook understands that for some of its clients their EPOS system is mission-critical to the daily operations and success of their business. Without it, they wouldn't have a business, with the same passion and diligence, SoftOutlook goes out of their way to get their clients system up and running.
We can help you with your business-critical data. We provide essential reports and integrate other applications. This helps manage and accelerate your business.

Those seasoned managers know the importance of getting their applications working and their data backed up and looked after, so transfer your worries to us.

For more detail on our Easify partnership, see our Easify services and EPOS page

Why don't you let us manage your web presence with our Web Hosting?

Our hosting solutions are designed to help your businesses grow. We have a 24 x 7 UK-based support.
We build your account according to your needs and requirement.
We provide Hosted Ecommerce Shopping Carts and we can clean, upload and manage your products list onto your e-commerce shopping cart.
Some of our clients opt for full managed services, which means all they need to do is provide us with their data and we manage the whole online presence.
We help you with your online shop, blog and other IT services. We're extremely pleased of our customised Managed Web Hosting services we provide to our clients and we think it's what really sets us apart from other service providers.

We manage most of the popular platforms including:

These are some of the other platforms:

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