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SoftOutlook guides its clients to their IT requirements and how to gain efficiency with the aid of Computer information Technology.
We study computers, networks, computer languages, and databases within an organization to better help their business missions. In short, we solve real business problems and real business needs.

What is an EPOS System?
EPOS is short for Electronic Point Of Sale, the system used today in nearly all major retail outlets: shops, clubs, restaurants and other retail outlets. It's a fast and efficient way of making sales, whilst at the same time recording important information about the transaction.
Some of the most common components to an EPOS system are touchscreen monitors, barcode scanners, cash draws, chip and pin, customer display poles, keyboards, printers and weighing scales.

EPOS Systems Consultancy And Bespoke Integration.

EPOS consultancy and bespoke integration

Found in almost all retail environment, EPOS (electronic point of sale) systems facilitate and record transactions and often play a vital role in related business areas such as purchasing, marketing, stock control and electronic tills.

SoftOutlook will find the best EPOS system for your company.
We can make a whole EPOS system to your requirements if off-the-shelf EPOS systems do not fully achieve your business needs.

EPOS systems software consultancy and bespoke integration

EPOS Systems

SoftOutlook understands that businesses are different and there are many EPOS systems in the market so we consult and seek out the most suitable solution for the organisation. We can add value to your chosen EPOS System by integrating with other critical solutions such as accounting packages, marketing and statistical analyses.

Keeping these systems in operation is therefore critical to the smooth running of many businesses and, at SoftOutlook, this is one of our specialist fields.

  • EPOS hardware sourcing (tills, barcode scanners, computers etc)
  • EPOS software sourcing and customisation
  • Set up computers and printers network
  • EPOS system programming
  • Technical support & troubleshooting
  • Installing / verifying software updates
  • Create bespoke reports and charts to visualise key business metrics
  • Business Intelligence Dashboards
  • Setup SQL Server Reporting Services


Let us help you with a good and reliable EPOS system and manage the system for you. We offer a wide range of systems you can choose from. We also design, develop, implement and manage bespoke EPOS systems.


We programme mobile terminal - barcode scanners.In addition, we are able to programme mobile terminals (barcode scanners - readers), such as:
-Those used by couriers to record successful deliveries.
-Shop floor stock take and repurchasing.
to ensure that the data they collect is useful and relevant to your business needs.



Official reseller partner for Easify

Easify Small Business Software is Easy to use

Yet powerful enough to get the job done

Easify software gives you stock control, invoicing, purchasing, CRM, EPOS, e-commerce & accounting all in a single easy to use application.

SoftOutlook provides full Easify support.

SoftOutlook is an official reseller partner for Easify

What does Easify do?
An Easify EPOS system is a small business EPOS solution software that is easy to use, will do all the functions an EPOS system generally requires and is cost effective.

  • Easy to use yet powerful software for the small business, with built in invoicing, stock control and POS capabilities
  • Stock Control - Easify software helps you manage your stock. Simply add products to an order, and Easify manages your stock levels
  • Billing - Keep track of who owes you money, create your own branded invoices and quotes, easily send them to customers.
  • Purchasing - Easify your purchasing. Raise purchase orders and record expenditure by simply adding products to a purchase.
  • Point of Sale - EPOS comes as standard with Easify, so if you need to take money at a point of sale, that functionality is built in.

How can SoftOutlook help?
SoftOutlook understands Easify EPOS System so we can add value to this EPOS system by integration with other software, extract and manipulate data for bespoke requirements and build applications such as invoicing in other currencies and formats.

  • Instant assistance and support with remote access
  • Easify License
  • Source and setup hardware (computers, touchscreen monitors, barcode scanners, cash drawers, chip and pin, customer display poles, keyboards, printers and etc)
  • Install Easify and troubleshoot issues
  • Easify EPOS System Training
  • Network Management and Maintenance
  • Full integration with web based sales
  • Connect to multichannel sales, so if you also sell online or on other marketplaces you can manage your stock centrally
  • Integrate external stock control, invoicing systems, purchase order systems, accounting packages such as SAGE and etc
  • Set-up data warehouse (DW or DWH), also known as an enterprise data warehouse (EDW).
    SoftOutlook could facilitate reporting and data analysis. This is considered as a core component of Business Intelligence environment.
  • Bespoke Live Reports
    Set-up SQL Server Reporting Service is a typical example.
  • Backup Easify EPOS system on the web or other mediums