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About Us | SoftOutlook - The smart way to provide business solutions and IT services. We deliver cost effective software solution that maximises efficiency | Blackburn, Lancashire.

About SoftOutlook

SoftOutlook software solutions brings business solutions with IT solutions. Our aim is to provide quality and cost effective software answers that will help your business and organisation. We work hand in hand till your requirements are achieved.

SoftOutlook is led by professional programmers who, for more than two decades, have been developing effective systems and software for private and public sector clients of all sizes.

We are based in Blackburn, a beautiful town in Lancashire. It lies to the north of West Pennine Moors and on the southern edge of the Ribble Valley. From an elevation you can see the Forest Of Borland, Pendle Hill and the Blackpool Tower.

Founded in 2005, we are a team of professionals that puts the customer's needs first and built up our reputation as being a reliable supplier of software and IT services with a strong client base.

Our Philosophy
We at SoftOutlook use our in-house and third party software and services to best serve our clients, and our philosophy is simple, we aim to provide a better quality of service than what we expect from our own suppliers.

Schools And Charities
We welcome and encourage good causes. We provide preferential terms to Schools and Charities.

It is the policy and overall business objective of SoftOutlook to provide services of the highest quality in accordance to the clients specified requirements. SoftOutlook guides and provides professional advice to its clients so that the client can make better and excellent decisions to achieve their objective and aim.
It is also the objective of SoftOutlook to enhance its reputation and capabilities in order to gain wider recognition in its field of expertise.
SoftOutlook recognises that genuine commitment to understanding, the present and future needs of its clients, is essential to the achievement of these objectives. Thus SoftOutlook continually strives to ensure that the needs and sound expectations of the clients are realised in the quality of the services it provides.
Together, SoftOutlook will constantly monitor its quality performance and will implement improvements for the betterment of SoftOutlook and services it provides to its clients

Staff, Projects, Clients And Work Done:

  • Robbins-Gioia - https://www.teamrg.com/
    Database management for this US-based international programme management consultancy firm.
  • Government Ministry - https://www.gov.uk/
    Worked on development of a new accounting system in conjunction with multiple partners including Pricewaterhouse Coopers, Deloitte & Touche and others.
  • Gartner - https://www.gartner.com/en
    Market research database development for Gartner, the world's largest IT research company.
  • Easify - Official reseller partner for Easify
    Easify software gives you stock control, invoicing, purchasing, CRM, EPOS, eCommerce & accounting all in a single easy to use application.

Business & Technical Resources:

  • Experienced Business Graduates
  • IS and IT Graduates
  • Skilled Software Developers


SoftOutlook offers a broad portfolio of services including:

  • IT consultancy
    - Advisory projects
    - Implementation projects
  • Database development (design, develop, implement and etc.)
  • Design and support work with SQL Server, mySQL, MS Access, Oracle, NoSQL
  • Data Management (design, data gathering, de-duplication and etc.)
  • IT Support and IT Services
  • Bespoke programming
  • Web based applications
  • .Net programming
  • Firmware Programming

These capabilities are complemented by the work of several key associates with experience in:

  • Microsoft products (SQL Server, MS Office & etc)
  • Network cabling and support
  • Oracle databases
  • QuickBooks accounting software
  • Sage products
  • Virus analysis and technical health checks
  • Web development & hosting