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Our Software Services | SoftOutlook - Business Software Solutions And IT Services – Some of our software are: Charity-IT – Sensitive Mass Emailing System – Intelligent Telephone Number Generator.

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Our software development services fall into two principal categories.

Firstly, we offer a range of proprietary software products that you can select as standalone systems or as the basis for a bespoke product that is precisely matched to your needs.

In addition to these existing products, we also design and develop bespoke software solutions to order. These can range from specialised enterprise application software, developing complex software systems, date warehousing, project management tools, developing applications to automating simple tasks in Microsoft Office.

If you need help with any aspect of your business processes or software, let us know and we'll do all we can to help!

Charity-IT - SoftOutlook made this software to manage charity entries and Accounting.


Software to assist Muslim charities with their every day book keeping, audit trail and year-end accounts


SoftOutlook has developed a specialist software to assist Muslim charities with their every day book keeping, audit trail and year-end accounts.

Charity-IT enables users to manage Gift Aid requirements and facilitate Islamic charity distribution. It records donors and donations, captures declarations and produces tax claim reports. The software facilitates collections and allocations of Zakaat and Sadaqah to their rightful recipients incorporating Gift Aid benefits.

Donor Management
Charity-IT facilitates new entry and updates of donor information through a series of easy-to-use screens. Individual donor's historic entries and other statistics can be at your finger tips with reports and queries.

Donation Management
With the Charity-IT donation management system, Muslim charities can allocate donations to different projects and fund raising activities. Each project has its own analysis capabilities.

Its unique structure enables Charity-IT users either to combine or divide donations between the different appeals, across which the individual donors might wish to spread their donation. The Gift Aid tax claim can also be allocated to the donor's choice of fund.

If a donor wishes to give Zakaat to a specific relief fund and wants the Gift Aid claim on that donation to be allocated to a different fund, the charity can add value to its service and provide a break-down of the donor's request.

Charity-IT stores both Gift Aid and non Gift Aid donations. Incomes and expenses are determined at 'fund-type' level. For example, a 'fund-type' could be 'Zakaat', 'Qurbani' or 'world disaster relief fund'. Gift Aid and non Gift Aid related funds can be accounted for and can be analysed at fund-type level as well as in aggregate. The charity would have full control over the 'fund-types' they wish to create. Expenses can be taken from any fund-type that the charity's policy demands.

Charity-IT logs information about the recipients of the donations too. This helps charities when they want to audit who they have helped and what costs were incurred. Tools are available to black-list certain recipients for future projects.

These are some of the functions that Charity-IT can perform. There are many more tools, reports and queries included such as banking and fixed asset modules.

SoftOutlook is in the process of developing a web-based service for charities to raise funds on their websites for different projects. Please get in touch with us and we will update you of its progress.

Charity-IT can be easily modified to add bespoke functions and to change existing functions to suit the charity's needs.

Being a charity conscious company, our charges would reflect the importance of minimising costs.

Mass Emailing System – SoftOutlook’s database driven solution for managing mass or bulk emailing service with sensitivity to client’s request.

Mass Emailing System

A programme with a managed database that enables automated emailing to valued clients sensitively

Mass Or Bulk Emailing System

At the heart of any customer relationship management strategy is the ability to communicate regularly and reliably with both prospective and existing clients. At the same time you want to be sensitive and not burden your clients with mass email spam.

To facilitate this kind of communication, we have developed an automated emailing programme with a managed database. This makes it easy to maintain contacts with important leads and help to ensure that you never lose track of what needs to go out, when and to whom.

Our mass emailing system can be changed to facilitate your special needs.

Telephone Number Generator – SoftOutlook made a Telephone Number Generator for clients that need an intelligent way of making telephone no’s with area code selections and module to check duplications.

Telephone Number Generator

A desktop application that enables users to generate random 11 digit numbers that can be used as a telephone number.

By linking this software with agencies such as Telephone Preference Service list, or your own client list, this product is ideal for telemarketing.

SoftOutlook does not condone unsolicited direct marketing calls. So SoftOutlook has built modules to balance your telemarketing approach and public’s privacy.

Telephone Number Generator

Backed up by a database, This Telephone Number Generator enables you to create random 11 digit numbers.

Some of the main features are:

  • You can generate large volumes of numbers instantly.
  • Users can prefix the number for specific area codes.
  • Module to check numbers used by services such as Emergency Services, Premium Rate Services, Telephone Numbers for drama use and such.
  • Check the number generated is unique.
  • You can use our module that validates the generated numbers to check if they are in restricted or supressed numbers list. Supressed numbers list could be your own list or Telephone Preference Service (TPS) subscribed numbers.
  • We can re-code this application to suite your needs.

Many countries have rules and regulations that limit and control how, when and who companies can cold call. These rules and regulations are often implemented by government bodies that deal with telecommunication laws in their specific country. So SoftOutlook advises users of this software to abide by related rules and regulations and this software must not be used for any illegal or unethical purpose. SoftOutlook will revoke user license if it is used in such way.